VPS: It takes the control
with 100% SSD

Each VPS is endorsed by a guarantee of 99,99% of time of activity,
reason why it can provide with accomodations with confidence.
VPS of 2 GB


  • 2 GB of RAM DDR4
  • CPU of 1 nucleus
  • 25 GB of storage SSD
  • Limitless bandwidth
  • 1 Tbps Anti-DDoS
VPS of 4 GB


  • 4 GB of RAM DDR4
  • CPU of 2 nuclei
  • 50 GB of storage SSD
  • Limitless bandwidth
  • 1 Tbps Anti-DDoS


  • 8 GB of RAM DDR4
  • CPU of 4 nuclei
  • 75 GB of storage SSD
  • Limitless bandwidth
  • 1 Tbps Anti-DDoS
VPS of 16 GB


  • 16 GB of RAM DDR4
  • CPU of 8 nuclei
  • 150 GB of storage SSD
  • Limitless bandwidth
  • 1 Tbps Anti-DDoS
VPS of 32 GB


  • 32 GB of RAM DDR4
  • CPU of 16 nuclei
  • 200 GB of storage SSD
  • Limitless bandwidth
  • 1 Tbps Anti-DDoS


Storage Samsung SSD

We only used SSD of Samsung of enterprise level to offer the best speed, capacity and resistance him. These are formed as local storage in our virtual private servers, which means that they are optimized for a high performance.


Fast supplying

Our system of fast super automatic supplying will in line have a VPS of Linux in less than 90 second and VPS of Windows in less than 5 minutes. If sometimes he needs to update, our Control Panel does without effort.


Last technology

All the virtual machines are fed by processors Intel Xeon Skylake of 12 GHz of 3 GHz, with access to 2666 DDR4 MHz ECC registered in the ram memory. The combination of its virtual machines with units SSD of enterprise class offers the maximum power him of CPU to take care of modern and demanding applications.


Powerful and reliable U.S. & UK VPS

Support of Windows and Linux

Freedom to implement invited CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and Windows, and more, everything in a single click. Vps consults our page of software to obtain more details on the packages that are open for you.

Complete access to the root

You are in control! He obtains complete access of root to his virtual private servant, which allows him to have a total control. We did not take your hand: all our VPS are not administered.

Guarantee of level on watch

All the VPS are endorsed by uninterrupted SLA and power supplies of network of the 99,99%, which offers to trustworthiness and yield him who it can trust.

Fast super network

Constructed in the same network that the platform All-Ru, each hyperviewfinder is connected to 10Gbps and each commutator has superfluous uplink of 40Gbps.

To update at any time

Their VPS as it grows, with updates in minutes climbs. Using our intuitive Control Panel, it can climb upwards or downwards in minutes.

Hardware RAID

All our servers use matrices RAID 10 of hardware with a cache endorsed by battery. RAID 10 guarantees the best yield and availability for its VPS.

Console outside band

Incorrect Configurations of network or fire-guards? There is no problem, with our VNC access outside band, can accede to his VPS as if it was connecting a monitor to a physical servant.

1 Tbps Anti-DDoS

The distributed attacks of refusal on watch are only more and more common, reason why we included our powerful protection anti-DDoS of 1 Tbits/sec without additional position.

Without contracts, commitment

We know that once you have proven our VPS of high performance, you will not go to no other place! So we do it easy: we did not lock up it and can cancel it at any time.


I need a VPS?

If it wishes the control of a dedicated servant, but with the affordability of the shared lodging, then a VPS is for you.

The virtual private servers have become the solution of lodging preferred for small and medium businesses. If it needs to execute software of customized Web server or permanent processes of servant as servers of games and voice, a VPS is an economic and effective solution.

Freedom and independence

It installs what you want, when you want. Our advanced hardware, guaranteed resources always available, offers the space him to execute modern and powerful applications.

And surely resistant

Su VPS he is particionado of others and he is as safe as a dedicated physical servant. One physically is in a datacenter of the United Kingdom surely with an UPS, reason why it can trust that he will always be available. Our protection anti-Two of 1 Tbps will cover it for all, except the most powerful denial-of-service attacks.

Case of convincing business

If it executes a company, he is reassuring to have resources of guaranteed calculation and storage available. Simply it turns a virtual machine of low cost when it needs it. A VPS gives to the companies the power him to have a dedicated servant, without the cost of capital and the preoccupations to have their own hardware. One becomes an operational cost, as a utility.


Snapshot Backups & cPanel


It chooses between more than 20 operating systems and applications

CentOS 7

The last version of CentOS, one of more popular the operating systems Linux at present.

Ubuntu 18.04

Bionic Beaver is the last version of long term support of Ubuntu, from 2018.

Debian 8

The well-known operating system Unix type with totally gratuitous software.

Fedora 28

Fedora is a communitarian distribution of Linux sponsored by Red Hat.

Windows Server 2016

The last version of Windows Server to execute the last applications.


Based on CentOS6

One of the more popular Control Panels in the market, installed automatically in its VPS.


Based on CentOS6

This enormously popular software causes that the management of content of a website is a problem.


Based on CentOS6

Magento is a platform of electronic commerce of open code cross-platform.


It speaks with our experts in virtual private servers€¦


Why to choose All-Ru?

Hosting 100% SSD

Samsung SSD of high quality and discharge trustworthiness for each website.

Certificates SSL FREE

Without hidden costs, easy to install and easy to renew.

There are contracts of no blockade

It cancels his lodging at any time Web, without questions.

Promise of return of money of 30 days

Complete satisfaction or we give back its money to him.

Servers in U.S. & UK

Our servers are lodged in the United States and the United Kingdom, is super fast and effective.

Support in Spanish

A support equipment with which will enchant to you to work.

WeCreativez WhatsApp Support
Our equipment of attention to the client is here for responding your questions. Ask any thing to us!