Requirements of Domains

All the good one begins with a domain name.


How to buy a domain name

The registry of a domain name is not due to do as quickly as possible. Perhaps only it takes some seconds to today buy a domain from All-Ru, but there are some things here that must consider:

He is memorable?

The best way to cause than a direction of a website is memorable is to maintain it brief and only. By all means, that is easier to say the one than to do it!

You can say it easily?

The mouth mouth continues being one of the best ways to obtain tracks. So make sure that easily it is possible to be shelp, or if it needs to be explained, does it short.

You will use scripts?

The opinions differ on the scripts: some can find that they cause that their Internet address is more legible, whereas others avoid them.

It covers what beams?

It considers the possibility of having his product or service in his domain, but some, including the web search engines, can see the exact coincidences as €œshade€.

You will use scripts?

Does Somebody have a similar domain more? It does not wish that their users are confused or who they are object of legal actions. So we recommended to verify this using a web search engine.

You will need to buy variants?

The people can try to copy their name of domain, but with a TLD different. Then, she considers if she is worth the pain to buy TLD alternative popular for his domain of second chosen level.


We know that there are many other things that to consider beyond the total price and what he obtains with him. If he is not safe of the top-level domain who wishes, he does not worry. Simply he places the name of the site, without a top-level domain, in our search of domain name and we will suggest some to him of the options available. Soon he can see other options available using our filters of categories of domain.


Restrictions of domain name

Any adult of 18 years can register a domain name, but some domains have rules that restrict their use.
Examples of these rules would be the domain .eu that is open to the residents of the European Union and the companies with presence in the EU, or some generic domains that are specific of an industry. We will inform to him if obstacles exist so that it registers his chosen domain.

Exist do restrictions or rules on the domain name that I can choose to register to me?

The restrictions imposed to the domains vary according to the extension that is registering and with what country is associate the domain. The domains can only form using letters and numbers of the set of characters ASCII, for example, (az) (AZ) (0-9). The scripts are also allowed, but they must be surrounded by characters, therefore, not at the outset or at the end of the domain. It is not allowed to use special characters (as €˜# *%€™) and spaces cannot be used.

General rules

  • Its domain must be unique, that is to say, a domain name that is not in use. It can verify if the name already has been taken through our search of domain name.
  • .com .net .org and .info the domain names cannot surpass the 67 characters.
  • .info and .biz must have 3 characters without including .info and .biz at least
  • Other names of domain cannot exceed the 22 characters without including the extension.
  • The domain names do not distinguish between capital letters and small letters.
  • Domains of 2 letters are not allowed.

Common extensions

  • .com - used for commercial or personal sites
  • .net - recommended for companies involved in Internet infrastructure
  • .org - recommended for organizations for charity
  • .info - used for commercial or personal sites
  • .mobi - it implies that the website is designed for movable use
  • Domains of 2 letters are not allowed.

Specific common extensions of country

  • .pe - Peru, that will be used for commercial or personal sites.
  • .com .pe - Peru, that will be used for commercial or personal sites.
  • .ca - websites with Canadian presence according to CIRA defines it (Authority of Registry of Internet of Canada).
  • .cc - Islands Coconuts (Keeling), that will be used for commercial or personal sites
  • - the United Kingdom, for commercial or personal sites
  • .de - Germany, that will be used for commercial or personal sites
  • .eu - websites with presence in the European Union
  • .org .uk - the United Kingdom, for charities and organizations for charity
  • .jp - Japan, that will be used for commercial or personal sites
  • .us - the United States, that will be used for commercial or personal sites


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