Policy of acceptable use

Last Update: 6 of May of the 2019

In order to report problems of e-mail nonwished or abuse, it sends an e-mail to reportar@all-ru.net.

This policy of acceptable use governs its use of the services that we provided (€œServices of Hosting€). Its use of the Services of lodging means that it accepts and accepts to fulfill all the policies of this policy of acceptable use, that complement our terms and conditions. All-Ru can at any time modify this Policy of acceptable use without previous warning.

It does not have to allow that a third party accedes or uses the Services of Hosting. If it has bought one of our packages of lodging of remarketers, it can allow that a third party (a €œthird party€) accedes or uses the Services of lodging. If it does, they will also be regulated by this policy of acceptable use. As so, you will supervise the use of the Services of lodging on the part of a third party and she will make sure that they fulfill this policy of acceptable use. A violation of this policy of acceptable use on the part of a third party will be considered as a violation of this policy of acceptable use by you.

The services of lodging are provided by All-Ru. We are registered in England and Wales under the number of company 09775671 and have our office registered in Hawthorn House, Southwell Road West, Rainworth, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG21 0HJ.


1. The Services of Shared Hosting include the space provision Web in our servers to allow him to load pages and archives with the purpose of to publish websites.

2. The services of shared lodging allow a space him of €˜limitless€™ servant for the normal use of the Web €œwithout distribution of archives€. For the websites that allow the video unloading, audio or other archives, we reserved the right to impose a limit of bandwidth of fifty (50) gigabytes per month calendar.

3. The use without distribution of archives will not be affected by any limit imposed in the unloading of video, audio or other archives.

4. In his use of the Services of Shared Hosting (aside from where his own virtual private servant is using), it cannot:

a. It uses more of 10% of the capacity of processing of our platform. Numerous activities exist that could cause such problems, including (but not limited a) scripts cgi and intensive operations of FTP, PHP or HTTP.

b. it executes independent, unheeded processes of the side of the servant or any daemons; including (but not limited a) IRCd.

c. It executes any type of Web to spider or indexer.

d. to execute any software that interacts with a network of Internet Relay Chat.

e. to execute any application of torrent of bits, dredge or client. It can connect with legal archives of torrent outside the site, but it cannot lodge them or store them in our servers.

f. to participate in any interchange of archives/activities to peer-to-peer.

g. to execute any servant of games.

h. it executes programmed entrances or other tasks that are not forming them through our Control Panel.

i. to give space Web under a domain (including the remarketers that gives gratuitous websites).

j. to operate a website or service proxy.

k. as host of archives remote for other websites.

l. it operates the synchronization of archives provided with accomodations car or services based on €œstorage in the cloud€ similar that they include (but OwnCloud, Pydio and Sparkleshare are not limited a).

5. It does not have to use the Services of lodging as an external backup copy installation. Therefore, all the archives loaded in our servers as it leaves from his use of the Services of Hosting must be visible and accessible to the outside world (visible from the Web) unless they are necessary to operate the website of which they comprise; We reserved the right to eliminate archives or directories who are not visible in the Web without warning to him.

6. All the stored pages of the website in our servers as it leaves from the Services of Hosting will be available for the web search engines, unless it takes measures to avoid it. If it wishes to optimize his webpages for the web search engines, it agrees in using codes and techniques that totally fulfill the directives issued by Google, Bing, Yahoo and other great web search engines.

7. The data bases MySQL are limited 1024 megabytes of size, when they reach this size, we will notify it.

8. If it is a remarketer and it deactivates an account of resold lodging Web, we will eliminate it after 50 days.


1. You can only use the Services of Hosting for allowed aims. He cannot use the Services of Hosting:

a. That infringes any law or local regulation, national or international anyway applicable.

b. anyway that is illegal or fraudulent, or he has some intention or illegal or fraudulent effect

c. in order to damage or to try to damage minors anyway

d. in order to send, to knowingly receive, to load, to unload, to use or to reuse any material that does not fulfill our standards of content (to see more down)

e. in order to transmit or to try the shipment of any advertising or promotional material not asked for or nonauthorized or any other form of similar request (also well-known as Spam, he consults next)

in order to transmit any information knowingly, to send or to load any material that virus contains, Trojans, worms, pumps of time, cash registers of pulsations of keys, spyware, adware or any other harmful program or code of similar computer designed to negatively affect the operation of any software of computer or hardware.


1. These standards of content are applied to each and every one of the materials that you allow that they lodge through the Services of Hosting and to any associated interactive service with them.

2. You must fulfill the spirit of the following standards. The standards are applied to each part of any material, as well as to its totality.

3. The material must:

a. to be necessary (when they indicate facts).

b. Genuinely to be maintained (where opinions are expressed).

c. to fulfill the applicable legislation in the United Kingdom and any country from which they are published.

4. The material does not have:

a. To contain any material that is slanderous of any person.

b. To contain any material that is obscene, offensive, odious or inflammatory.

c. It contains any material that is pornographic.

d. to promote the violence.

e. To promote the discrimination by reasons for race, sex, religion, nationality, incapacity, sexual direction or age.

f. to infringe any right of author, basic right of data or trademark of any other person.

g. to be able to deceive any person.

h. one will become in breach of any legal obligation due to a third party, as to have contractual or to have of they trust

i. to promote any illegal activity.

j. to threaten, to abuse or to invade the privacy of another person, or to cause annoyances, disadvantages or unnecessary anxiety.

k. it can harass, bother, shame, alarm or bother any other person.

l. to be used to be made pass person on the other, or to distort its identity or affiliation with any person.

m. to give the impression that they emanate of us, if this it is not the case.

n. to plead, to promote or to help to any illegal act as (only as a example) infraction of rights of author or illegal use of the computer.


1. We adopt a position of tolerance zero against the shipment of e-mail nonasked for, massive e-mails and mail nonwished. We can cancel the account of any user who sends Spam with or without previous warning.

2. The announced websites as Spam cannot be lodged in our servers. This disposition includes, but it is not limited, Spam sent through fax, telephone, postal mail, e-mail, instantaneous mail or groups of the news. Any account of user who is in the inclusion of our space IP in the black list will be suspended and/or finished immediately.

3. All-Ru reserves the right to ask for changes or to deshabilitar, according to is necessary, any website, counts, data base or component that does not fulfill our policy.

4. All-Ru reserves the right to receive the holder of the used account to send any e-mail nonasked for, a tariff of cleaning or any position incurred across the elimination of the black list to our whole discretion.


You accept not:
a. to resell or to offer for the use of third parties any part of our Services of Hosting unless a product has been bought specific Remarketer.

b. Not to accede without authorization, to interfere, to damage or to interrupt.

i. Any part of the Services of Hosting.

II. Any equipment or used network to provide the Services of Hosting.

III. Any software used in the benefit of the Services of Hosting.

IV. Any equipment, network or software of property or use of third parties.

c. If it deactivates a Service of Hosting resold during 50 days consecutive, we will eliminate this Service of Hosting automatically.

d. You are responsible for the good administration of his Service of remarketer. You accept to eliminate the archives and services of lodging that no longer are necessary


1. We will determine, to our discretion, if there has been a breach of this policy of acceptable use through its use of the Services of lodging. When a breach of this policy takes place, we can take the measures that we consider suitable.

2. The breach of this policy of acceptable use constitutes a substantial breach of our terms and conditions of sale in which it is allowed him to use the Services of lodging, and can give rise to that we take all or some from the following actions:

a. immediate, temporary or permanent retirement of its right to use the Services of lodging.

b. immediate elimination, temporary or permanent of any Material (as it is defined in paragraph 5,1) loaded in our servers.

c. a warning for you.

d. Emission of legal procedures in his against for the reimbursement of all the costs for indemnification (including, among others, the reasonable costs administrative and legal) that are from the breach.

e. more legal actions in his against.

f. the spreading of this information to the police authorities since reasonably we considered that it is necessary.


1. We can at any time review this policy of acceptable use by means of the modification of this page. One hopes that it visits this page from time to time to realize any change that we realise, since they are legally binding for you.

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