Terms and conditions

Last Update: 6 of May of the 2019

This page informs the terms and conditions to him in which we provided to our services described in our website www.all-ru.net to him (€œServices€). Our main services are the service of lodging of websites (€œService of lodging€) or a service of registry and renovation of domain names (€œService of registry and renovation of domains€)

Lea these terms and conditions carefully before asking for any Service of our website. When soliciing anyone of our Services, will be subject to these terms and conditions. The refusal to accept these Terms and Conditions will not allow that Services of our website are asked for. Our Agreement of data processing by virtue of the Regulation of protection of general performances (GDPR) European form leaves from these terms and conditions. We recommended to him that it reads the terms at great length and it prints a copy of his registries if is necessary.


1.1. www.all-ru.net is a site operated by Alka Corp S.A.C. We are registered in England and Wales under the number of company 09775671 and have our office registered in Hawthorn House, Southwell Road West, Rainworth, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG21 0HJ.
It considers that when realising an order of the Services, you accept that we send our by email electronic bulletin to him of the news habitual. This constitutes our main method of communication with you and any change in our services, invoicing, planned maintenance and information of access to the account will inform to him on.

1.2 the contracts for the purchase of Services through our site will be in force by the English law. Any dispute that arises from, or related to, this Contract will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. The English is the language offered for the conclusion of the contract between both


2.1. When realising an order through our website, you guarantee that:

2.1.1. You are legally able to celebrate binding contracts.
2.1.2. You are at least 18 years old.

2.2. If it is acting in the name of a company or another business, also it guarantees that personally it has the authority to force to that company or business in whose name it is making an order.


3.1. It only can realise an order with us for Services once it has registered an account with us successfully. The information that provides when registering an account with us must be complete and needs. When creating an account, you accept that we can block the access to the account and the Services that we provided if we create reasonably that the information that it has provided is not precise. He must maintain his name of private user and password at any moment and not allow that nobody plus uses it. He must put itself in touch with us if he thinks that another person knows her name user or password.

3.2. Before sending an order, will be to him a summary in screen with the details of the Services that wishes to solicit and the price to pay. There will be an option to amend/to correct and errors before coming to complete the order.

3.3. Before being able to send an order, it will have to register a debit or credit card. Also we accepted direct debit without paper, nevertheless, is possible that it needs to use a debit or credit card in his first order.

3.4. Once an order has been realised, we will provide a confirmation to him of the Services that it has asked for. This confirmation will be sent to the email address registered in its account. The copies of the previous invoices will be stored in their account.


4.1. After realising an order, it will receive an e-mail of us accepting his order and, if it corresponds, it will inform to him that the Service of lodging that it has acquired has activated (€œConfirmation of acceptance€). Its order constitutes a supply to buy our Services and all the orders are subject to our acceptance.

4.2. The contract between us (€œContract€) will only form when we send the Confirmation to him of acceptance. Also we can reject his order of the Services for whatever reason, in which case we will inquire it.

4.3. The Contract will only be related to those Services that we have confirmed in the Confirmation of Acceptance. We will not be forced to provide no other Service that can have been part of its order until these Services have been confirmed.


5.1. We can provide connections in our site to the websites of other companies, are or nonaffiliates. We cannot be committed to that the products or services that it acquires of the companies whose website we have provided a connection in our website are of satisfactory quality, and any guarantee of this type will be rejected by us.

5.2. Any exemption of responsibility does not affect its legal rights against the salesman third.


6.1. If it is buying as consumer (that is to say, not during their business), generally, the Regulations of the Contract of the Consumer of 2013 allow him at any time to cancel the Contract within the 14 working days, as of the day subsequent to the reception of the Confirmation of Acceptance.

6.2. Nevertheless, when realising its order of the Services, accepts that we begin to provide these Services before finalizes the period of cancellation of seven working days that is mentioned here. As so, it will not have right to cancel the Contract by virtue of the Contract Regulation with Consumer 2013.

6.3. This disposition does not affect otherwise to its legal rights.


7.1. Once the contact has formed, it can cancel the contract in relation to the service of lodging that it has acquired.

7.2. In such cases, it can cancel at any time within the 30 days, as of the day subsequent to the reception of the acceptance confirmation. If it does, it will receive a complete reimbursement of the price phelp by the service of lodging that it has cancelled. We will give back the price to him that has phelp to the credit card, debit card or another account that used to make that payment. No other reimbursement will not be realised. Limited one by client.

7.3. In order to cancel the Contract, it must inform if it elevates a support ticket before the end of the period of 30 days mentioned in previous clause G (b). As part of our process of cancellation, we will respond to him to confirm its request of cancellation. It must return to confirm his request of cancellation responding to this confirmation or we will continue providing the Service of Hosting and its cancellation will be ineffective. This is to guarantee that we do not eliminate any data that must conserve.

7.4. In summary, the Services that cannot be cancelled under the guarantee of limited return of money include (but they do not limit a):

7.4.1. Registry of domain and renovation of domain registry.

7.4.2. Private certificates SSL.

7.4.3. €˜Complementary€™ servers of virtual names and other products.

7.4.4. Virtual private servers (VPS) and associate products.


8.1. The price of any Service will be the one that is indicated in our website (without IVA).

8.2. The total cost of its order of the Services will settle down clearly before sending its order of the Services.

8.3. The prices are subject to changes at any time. We will notify a change in our prices at least 14 days to him before the increase of prices between in use. If it does not cancel, it will be considered that it has accepted the new prices and they will be loaded to his account.

8.4. Due to the amount of on sale offered Services, it is possible that in spite of our efforts, some Services have an incorrect price. We took care consequently of these situations:

8.4.1 When the correct price of a Service is minor who our established price, we will acquire the lowest amount to him when accepting his order;

8.4.2 If the correct price of a Service is superior to the price indicated in our website, normally we will contact it to receive instructions before accepting its order; and

8.4.3 we are not forced to provide the Services to him to the incorrect price (inferior), even after we have sent him a Confirmation of acceptance.

8.5. We reserved the right to try to recover any pending amount that you must by other means, including the remission of the debt to an external agent of recovery of debt, if it is necessary. If one looks for this method, can be responsible for the additional positions and positions and accepts to pay these positions in addition to the pending amount that must to us.

8.6. The time of payment will be essential. No payment will be considered received until we have received the compensated bottoms. If the supplier of their credit card or the bank does not authorize the method of chosen payment, you authorize to us to ask for the payment to any other credit card, debit card or registered direct debit against his account.

8.7. If we did not authorize the payment, its account can be suspended.


9.1. We guarantee that (subject to the other dispositions of these terms and conditions) any Service that it buys to us through our website will offer a reasonable care and ability.

9.2. We will not be responsible by the breach for the provided guarantee previously, unless:

9.2.1. You give warning us of the violation in writing.

9.2.2. a reasonable opportunity offers us after receiving the notification to examine our provision of the Services for you

9.2.3. the problem arises because it did not follow our oral or written instructions as far as the use of the Services (if they exist)

9.2.4. You alter the Services without our consent in writing.

9.2.5. The problem arises due to the evil use.

9.3. If we failed to fulfill the guarantee in agreement with the previous clause, we will use all the reasonable commercial efforts to remedy the infraction without delay or to reimburse the price of the Services to the prorated price of the Contract.

9.4. When accepting these terms, you recognize that any declaration, promise or representation done or granted by or in our name have not been based on that is not established in our website or that has not been confirmed in writing by us. Nothing in this clause will exclude or limit our responsibility towards you by fraudulent distortion.


10.1. It is his responsibility to make sure that the necessary adjustments for the access to our Services of Hosting are in their place.

10.2. Also he is responsible to guarantee that all the people who accede to our Services through their connection to Internet know these terms and conditions (and, in particular, our policy of acceptable use).


11.1. We did not guarantee that the access to our servers is uninterrupted or frees of errors, but will deliver all the reasonable attacks to maintain the time of inactivity to the minimum.


12.1. It will not have any right, title or interest in any direction of IP (€œdirection IP€) that is assigned to him during the use once the Service finalizes or finalizes.

12.2. Any assigned direction IP of you is assigned as part of the Service of lodging that it acquired and is not portable nor transferable by you of no way.

12.3. If we re-numbered or re-assigned a direction IP, we will do all the possible one to avoid any interruption if so.


13.1. It is his responsibility to maintain appropriate and up-to-date backup copies of any data, information or another material that it loaded in our servers as it leaves from his use of the Services of lodging. We provide gratuitous tools to realise backup copies of websites and data bases in our Control Panels. In case of loss or damage of its material, access will not occur him to the backup copy of the servant that we maintain in accordance with our procedure of file.

13.2. We will follow our procedures of file for the data stored in our servers.

13.3. We will not be responsible for any loss, destruction, alteration or spreading of its Material caused by you or a third party.


14.1. The package on watch of lodging that it asks for includes the allocation of bandwidth per month calendar applicable to that package of lodging, since it settles down in this website at the time of his order.

14.2. The service of lodging that it has asked for will be suspended automatically if this monthly allocation exceeds bandwidth. If this happens, it can update his package of services from lodging to which it includes a greater monthly allocation of bandwidth, or to hope to that the service of lodging in the home starts again of the following month calendar. It can control the use of monthly bandwidth in our Control Panel.

14.3. Unless the package of Hosting Service that it asks for includes a virtual private servant, it will only be able to use a maximum of 10% of the capacity of processing of our servant when it uses the package of Hosting Service that it asks for.

14.4. We can allow that its use exceeds this limit CPU, and we will speak with you about its requirements of lodging if its use has a detrimental effect in our other clients. It considers that this right is to our absolute discretion,

14.5. The package on watch of lodging that it asks for includes the amount of mailboxes of mail applicable to that package of lodging, as it settles down in our website at the time of his order.

14.6. Any mailbox that has not been acceded during 100 days free will be eliminated automatically of our system.

14.7. When using the Services, must fulfill our Terms of use of the website and our Policy of acceptable use. Any conflict between our terms of use of the website and these terms and conditions, will be solved in favor of these terms and conditions.

14.8. The breach of anyone of the Terms of use of the website or the Policy of acceptable use will give us right to cancel the benefit of the Services for you.


15.1. Our equipment of support will help it to solve any problem that it has with the Services that are receiving. We will not provide programming support to him, but, as part of our Services of Hosting, our servers are compatible with many programming languages.

15.2. We did not offer telephone technical support. The support in line provides through ticket of support or chat in line.


16.1. Where the Contract includes our Service of Registry and Renovation of Domains:

16.1.1. We will strive to obtain the registry of the domain name that it asks for.

16.1.2. we will not be responsible in case the registry of names of excellent domain refuses to register the domain name that it asks for, or that later suspends or revokes any registry of that name of domain.

16.1.3. We will not act as his agent nor in his name in any deal with the registry of domain names.

16.1.4. The registry of the domain name that asks for and its continuous use is subject to the terms and conditions of use of the registry of excellent names of domain that must consider.

16.1.5. you are responsible to make sure that she knows the terms so that can fulfill them.

16.1.6. the domain name that it only asks for will have registered correctly when he appears as registrante in the suitable data base €œWHOIS€ of the recorder of top-level domain names.

16.1.7. we will have absolute discretion to demand to him that it available selects a domain name for which has solicitd that is registered, and we will be able to suspend or to finish to our performance of the Service of registry and renovation of domains, if, in our opinion, reasonable reasons exist. so that we created that its present election of name is, can or is probable that it is of bad faith, the breach of the dispositions of these terms and conditions or any legal or prescribed requirement.

16.1.8. you confirm and guarantee that he is the proprietor of any commercial brand in any name of domain (or that has the authority of the proprietor of any commercial brand to use this name) that you solicitd that she is registered.

16.2. You confirm and guarantee that he is the legal proprietor of any name of domain (or that has the authority of the legal proprietor to use this name of domain) provided by you, or authorized of another way by you, for its use as name of domain in relation to any website in relation to which the service of lodging is used that was provided to him.

16.3. Once the domain name has been registered successfully, it will have to renew periodically to make sure that it conserves his registry. We will send warnings of renovation 30 days and 7 days to him before the date of renovation of his name of registered domain. These warnings will be sent to the email address and soon they will be registered in its account.

16.4. Hereby, it authorizes to us to renew the domain name automatically unless it has cancelled the Service of registry and renovation of domains in agreement with these terms and conditions.

16.5. The price of the renovation will be the one that appears in the page of renovations of the area of administration of the client and it will be loaded against one of the payment methods that soon will be registered in its account.

16.6. You recognize and accept that we can place an amount of blockades in any domain registered with us at the time of the inscription or at any time later and without previous warning.


17.1. You, retain all the rights of intellectual property on his material, and she grants a world-wide license to us, nonexclusive and free of exemptions to use, to store and to maintain his material in our servers and to publish it in Internet with the purpose of to provide the Hosting. Service to you.

17.2. You guarantee that its material does not infringe the rights of intellectual property of third parties and has the authority to grant the license to us. We can make the copies that are necessary to fulfill our obligations, even make backup copies of his material.

17.3. You will defend, will compensate to us and she will exempt to us of all responsibility against claims, action, procedures, losses, damages, expenses and costs (including, among others, the judicial costs and the reasonable honoraria legal) that arise from or are related to the use of the Services or any reclamation. or action that its material infringes, or supposedly infringes, the rights of intellectual property of a third party.

17.4. If software of our website unloads, we granted nonexclusive and intransferable a free license to him of rights to use that software for the intention established in our website in relation to this software. This license will finish automatically when we finalize the benefit of the Services of hosting to you.

17.5. Any software of third parties that unloads of our website will have to count on a license in agreement with the terms of license of standard software of the proprietor of the rights of intellectual property of this software of third parties, since these terms of license are notified to him when to unload this software.

17.6. We retain all the rights of intellectual property in the Services of Hosting (except in its material) and in our software. It does not have to descompilar, to disassemble to the Services of Hosting or our software.

17.7. We will defend it against any reclamation that Hosting Services infringes the rights of intellectual property of a third party of the United Kingdom, and we will compensate to him by any amount granted in his against in the judgment or the resolution of these reclamations, whenever:

17.7.1. You give immediate warning of any claim of this type.

17.7.2. he does not make admissions nor liquidations without our previous consent in writing.

17.7.3. you provide a reasonable cooperation to us in the defense and liquidation of this claim, to his position.

17.7.4. We have the exclusive authority to defend or to solve the reclamation.


18.1. We did not supervise and we will not have any responsibility by its material or any other communication that it transmits by virtue of the Services of Hosting.

18.2. Due to the public nature of Internet, we will not be responsible for the protection of the privacy of the e-mail or any other information transferred through Internet or of any supplier of the network.

18.3. Any guarantee or representation is not granted of which the Services of Hosting are free of incidents of nonauthorized security or users.

18.4. They are specifically excluded all the conditions, terms, representations and guarantees that specifically do not settle down in these terms and conditions (or the documents to which reference in them becomes).

18.5. We did not exclude nor we limited of any way our responsibility:

18.5.1. by death or personal injuries caused by our negligence;

18.5.2. under section 2 (3) of the Law of Protection to the Consumer of 1987

18.5.3. by fraud or fraudulent distortion

18.5.4. for any subject by which he would be illegal us to exclude, or to try to exclude, our responsibility.

18.6. We will not be responsible for the following types of losses (in each case, or they are direct, indirect or indirect) and if they are caused by our negligence or of another way:

18.6.1. loss of income or income.

18.6.2. loss of business.

18.6.3. loss of benefits or contracts.

18.6.4. loss of the predicted savings.

18.6.5. loss of good will.

18.6.6. Loss of software or data.

18.6.7. wasted expenses (as the costs of publicity of payment by click).

18.6.8. Wasted management or time of office.

18.7. Subject to these terms and conditions, our low maximum responsibility added or in relation to the fulfillment or the anticipated execution of the Contract, or by contract, offense (including negligence) or of another way, in no case will have to exceed the 100% the price that has phelp. by the Services during the 12 months previous to the event that gave rise to the responsibility at issue.

18.8. It is recommended that it acquires an insurance of commercial interruption or another appropriate insurance to protect it to you and to its company in case of interruption of the Services (in particular, the Service of Hosting).

18.9. When it buys any product or service of a third party through a connection in our website to the website of this third party, the individual responsibility of the salesman will settle down in the terms and conditions of the salesman. It must consult these terms and conditions.


19.1. The part of the Contract related to our Service of registry and renovation of domains will begin in the date in which we send our Confirmation to him of acceptance. It will continue until:

19.1.1. we have registered the domain name that asked for (the €œName of domain€) and later it solicits to us that we do not renew the registry of its Name of domain

19.1.2. We finish to the provision of our Service of registry and renovation of domains by means of notification to you because: The domain name no longer is available for the registry You are failing to fulfill the terms and conditions attached for some other reason that prevents the registry of the Name of Domain.

19.2. If we finalized the Service of registry and renovation of domains by virtue of the clauses in this agreement, we will reimburse the price to him that has phelp by the Service of registry and renovation of domains to the credit card, debit card or another account that has used to realise the payment.

19.3. The part of the Contract related to the Services that are not our Service of Registry and Renovation of Domains will begin in the date in which we send our Confirmation to him of Acceptance. Unless these Services are finished according to the arranged thing in this clause, they will continue by the minimum period of time that is applied to the Service that it has bought (€œMinimum Term€). After the expiration of the Minimum Term, they will continue monthly until they finalize:

19.3.1. by you, as consumer, informing to us into its decision to cancel the Contract by means of a clear declaration. This would have in line to be through a ticket of support or live chat of support

19.3.2. by you, as commercial client, informing to us into its decision to cancel the Contract. This would have in line to be through a ticket of support or live chat of support

19.3.3. by us, we sent to you with at least 30 days of anticipation a notification to him in writing to the registered present email address in his account

19.3.4. when exerting its right as Consumer, cancelling () the Contract (s) within the €œperiod of reflection€, that is to say, within the 14 days of the purchase.

19.3.5. In order to fulfill the term of cancellation, it is sufficient that it sends his communication regarding his exercise of the cancellation right before the period of cancellation has expired. We solicitd to him that it does it at least two working days before the date of cancellation. It considers that the cooling period is only applied to the consumers, not the commercial clients.

19.4. As part of our process of cancellation, it must return to confirm his request of cancellation through our system of tickets of support or the system of live chat of support or we will continue providing the excellent Services and its cancellation will be ineffective. It cannot cancel any of his Services by letter, e-mail or telephone.

19.5. The monthly price of the Services that we provided in Contracts that continue of month to month will be loaded monthly in advance directly to a credit card, debit card, direct debit without paper or another method of payment registered in its account. This payment will be realised in the same date of the month (or if day of the month does not take place in the last this date) in which the Services had begun originally (€œDate of payment€) unless or until it cancels the Services in agreement with these terms and conditions.

19.6. We will not provide a reimbursement to him by a cancellation that is in the middle of the period of invoicing.

19.7. Notwithstanding any other right to terminate or to suspend the Services that we have under these terms and conditions, our Terms of use of the website or our Policy of acceptable use, we can at any time terminate the Contract by means of a warning 30 days by email electronic ahead. in the email address registered against its account.

19.8. If we cancelled the Services, we will reimburse the price to him that has phelp by the Services of form prorated for the effective Minimum Term.

19.9. Notwithstanding the opposite in these terms and conditions, if you do not fulfill an obligation of these terms and conditions, we can terminate the Contract with a warning of 7 days.

19.10. The lapsing or the rescission of the Contract will be understood notwithstanding the rights and the responsibility of anyone of us who anyway arise by virtue of this Contract in the expiration date or rescission.


20.1. If it cancels his Services, any information that we have or we lodge in relation to the Services that it cancelled will be eliminated of immediate and permanent form of our system.

20.2. Consequently, it is recommended warmly that it makes appropriate copies of these data before cancelling his Services.


21.1. Additional terms and conditions can apply for our supplies. If it is thus, one will inquire to him into them in the corresponding point.


22.1. The applicable laws demand that it leaves from the information or the communications that we send to him they are realised in writing. When using our website, accepts that the communication with us will be mainly electronic.

22.2. We will put ourselves in touch with by email electronic you or we will provide information to him by means of the publication of warnings in our website. For contractual aims, it accepts these electronic mediums of communication and it recognizes that all the contracts, warnings, information and other communications that we provided to him electronically fulfill any legal requirement of which these communications are realised in writing. This condition does not affect to its legal rights.


23.1. All the warnings that it sends to us must be sent in line through our system.

23.2. It is possible that we send a warning to him to the mailing dress or of present e-mail then registered in his account with us.


24.1. Neither you nor we try that any term of the Contract can be made fulfill by virtue of the Contract Law (Right of Third parties) of 1999 of any person who is not part of him.

24.2. The Contract is binding for you and us and our respective successors and assignees.

24.3. It cannot transfer, yield, receive or eliminate the Contract, or anyone of his rights or obligations that arise from him, without our previous consent in writing.

24.4. We can transfer, assign, receive, subcontract or eliminate the Contract, or anyone of our rights or obligations that arise from him, at any time during the use of the Contract.


25.1. We will not be responsible by the breach or the delay in the fulfillment for anyone of our obligations by virtue of the Contract that is due to events outside our reasonable control (€œEvent of greater force€).

25.2. An Evento de Fuerza Mayor includes any act, event, breach, omission or accident beyond our reasonable control and in particular includes (without limitation) the following thing:

25.2.1. illegal use, alteration or interference on the part of you or of a third party of our servers or systems (including the attacks of virus and hackers);

25.2.2. industrial strikes, lockouts or other actions;

25.2.3. civil commotion, disturbances, invasion, attack terrorist or threat of terrorist attack, war (declared or not) or threaten or preparation for the war;

25.2.4. fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, collapse, epidemic or another natural disaster;

25.2.5. impossibility of use of networks of public or private telecommunications; and

25.2.6. The laws, decrees, laws, regulations or restrictions of any government.

25.3. Our performance by virtue of the Contract will be considered as suspended during the period that continues Evento de Fuerza Mayor, and we will have an extension of time for the performance during the duration of that period. We will deliver all the reasonable attacks to close the Event of greater force or to find a solution by means of which our obligations by virtue of the Contract can be fulfilled in spite of the Event of greater force.


26.1. If we failed, at any time during Contract, to insist on fulfillment strict of anyone of his obligations by virtue of Contract or anyone of these terms and conditions, or if we do not exert some of the rights or resources to which we have right according to In the Contract, this does not constitute a resignation to such rights or resources and do not exempt it of the fulfillment of these obligations.

26.2. A resignation by our part of any breach will not constitute a resignation of any later breach.

26.3. No resignation by our part of anyone of these terms and conditions will be effective unless it is indicated specifically that it is a resignation and communicates you in writing to him.


27.1. If anyone of these terms and conditions or any disposition of the Contract is determined by any competent authority as disabled person, illegal or inapplicable in any measurement, this term, condition or disposition it will separate of the remaining terms, conditions and dispositions. which will continue being valid in the maximum measurement allowed by the law.


28.1. These terms and conditions and any document mentioned specifically in them represent the complete agreement between us, as much in relation to the object of any Contract, and replace any agreement, agreement or previous agreement between us, or oral or in writing.

28.2. Each of us recognizes that, when signing the Contract, neither has trusting in no representation, commitment or done promise on the other nor can be implied in anything of what has been shelp or written in the negotiations between us before this Contract, except specifically established in these terms. And conditions.

28.3. No of us will have a remedy with respect to no done false declaration on the other, or verbally or in writing, before the date of any Contract (unless this false declaration has been realised of fraudulent way) and the only remedy of the other part it will be by breach. of the contract according to arranged in these terms and conditions.


29.1. We have the right to from time to time review and to amend these terms and conditions.

29.2. He will be subject to the effective policies and terms and conditions at the moment at which it asks for the services to us, unless any change in those policies or these terms and conditions is required by the law or governmental authority (in which case it will be necessary). to apply to orders previously realised by you).

29.3. No variation of these terms and conditions valid unless it is in writing and will be signed in our name.

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