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Last Update: 6 of October of the 2017

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We are All-Ru and we are proprietors and we operated this website (€œSite€).

1. Its use of the Site is subject to these Terms of use. When using the Site, will be considered that it has accepted and accepted to be subject to these Terms of use. We can from time to time make changes to these Terms of use. We can notify these changes to him by any reasonable means, including the publication of the reviewed version of these Terms of use in the Site. It can determine when we modified for the last time these Terms of use consulting the declaration €œLAST UPDATE€ that one is more above. Its use of the Site after the changes to these Terms of use will constitute its acceptance of these changes.

2. You are responsible from all the accesses to the Site using his connection to Internet, even if the access is of another person.

3. We reserved the right to restrict its access to the Site or leaves from him. The access to restricted areas of the Site can be subject to registry and other conditions. If we authorized leave to him to accede to a restricted area, we can retire that permission at any time (including the breach of anyone of these Terms of use).

4. We will deliver all the reasonable attacks to guarantee that the Site is available at any moment. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that the Site or any function or individual characteristic of the Site always will be available and/or without errors. In particular, it is possible that the Site is not available during the periods in which we are implementing updates or realising essential maintenance in the Site.

5. The rights of intellectual property in the Site and all the text, the images, the videos and another content available in him are property of us and our licenciantes. It cannot print nor make copies of any content without our express previous permission.

5.1 We are the proprietor or the holder of the license of all the rights of intellectual property in our site and the material published in him. Those works are protected by the laws of rights of author and treaties worldwide. All the rights are reserved.

5.2 It can print a copy and unload extracts of any page (s) of our site for his personal reference and can draw attention of other people within his organization to the material published in our site.

5.3 it must modify the paper neither the digital copies of no material that it has printed or unloaded of no way, and does not have to use illustrations, photographies, sequences of audio video or, nor no graph separately from the text that accompanies it.

6. We provide the Site so €œwhat€ and we do not make any declaration as far as the quality, integrity or exactitude of any content available in the Site. In the maximum measurement allowed by the law, we excluded specifically:

6.1 All the conditions, guarantees and other terms that otherwise could be in favor implicit of the law in these Terms of use; and

6.2 Any and all responsibility towards you, or who arises in agreement with these Terms of use or another way in relation to his use of the Site.

The previous thing is an integral limitation of responsibility that is applied to all the damages of any type, including (without limitation) compensatory, direct, indirect or consequent damages, loss of data, income or gains, loss or damage to the property and claims of third parties. Despite the previous thing, nothing in these Terms of use tries in particular to exclude or to limit any responsibility that the law cannot exclude or limit, and, no of the exclusions and limitations in this clause has the intention to limit no right that can have as a consumer under the local law or other legal rights that cannot be excluded, nor of no way to exclude or to limit the responsibility (proprietor of the site) towards you by death or resulting personal injuries of our negligence or the one of our employees or agents.

7. Its permission to use the Site is personal and he is not transferable. Its use of the Site is conditional to its fulfillment of the established rules of conduct in these Terms of use and you accept that not:

7.1 to use the Site for any fraudulent or illegal intention;

7.2 to use the Site to defame, to abuse, to harass, to watch, to threaten or to violate the rights of the others, including, without limitation, the rights of privacy of the others or the rights of publicity;

7.3 to be made pass through any person or organization, declare falsely or distort its affiliation with any person or organization in relation to the Site; or to express or to give to understand that we endorsed any declaration that you do;

7.4 to interfere with or to interrupt the operation of the Site or the used servers or networks to cause that the Site is available; or to violate the requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of these networks;

7.5 to transmit or otherwise to make available in relation to the Site any virus, worm, Trojan horse or another computer science code that is harmful or invasive or that can or is destined to damage the operation of, or to control the use of any hardware, software, or equipment;

7.6 to reproduce, to duplicate, to copy, to sell, to resell or to explode for any commercial aim, any part of, use or access to the Site;

7.7 to modify, to adapt, to translate, to realise reverse engineer, to descompilar or to desensamblar any part of the Site. If it wishes to realise reverse engineer anywhere of the Site to create an interoperable program, it must communicate with us and we can provide subject data to him of interface to the verification of his identity and another information;

7.8 to eliminate any right of author, commercial brand or another warning of property rights of the Site or the materials that are originated in the Site;

7.9 to frame or to reflect any part of the Site without our previous express consent in writing;

7.10 to create a data base by means of the unloading and systematic storage of the content of the Site;

7.11 to use any device automatic manual or to compile the content of the Site or to reproduce or to deceive the structure of navigation or the presentation of the Site without our previous express consent in writing. Despite the previous thing, we granted to the operators of web search engines public permission in line limited to use the applications of recovery of searches to reproduce materials of the Site with the only intention and in the measurement necessary to only create indices of these available materials publicly available only in relation to the public service search in line of each operator.

We reserved the right to revoke these exceptions of general way or in specific cases.

7.12 the Site can in line provide connections to other websites and resources. We are not responsible and we did not endorse these external sites or resources. The use of websites and resources of third parties is under its own risk.

7.13 It can create a connection to this Site, whenever:

7.13.1 the connection is right and legal and it does not appear of a way that is: deceptive or could suggest any type of association, approval or approval by us that it does not exist, or detrimental for our reputation or the reputation of anyone of our affiliates;

7.13.2 you conserve the legal right and the technical capability at any time to eliminate the connection of immediate form, after which we ask for it; the connection is to the page of home of this Site in the following URL http://www.all-ru.net/;

7.13.3 the connection will not cause that this Site or the content of this Site is: inlhelp or €˜framed€™ by any other website, or, otherwise, is of a way different from that originally we try.

We reserved the right to demand to him that it eliminates immediately any connection to the Site at any time and will have immediately to fulfill any request that we solicit to him to eliminate this connection.

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