Policies of privacy

Last Update: 6 of May of the 2019
This policy (along with complementary documents to that reference in her becomes) establishes the base on which the personal data will be processed that we compile of you or who you provide to us. Lea kindly the following thing to understand how we will treat and consider his data personal.

On us

All-Ru is a trademark in England and Wales (number of company 09775671). Our registered direction is Alka Corp. S.A.C, Hawthorn House, Southwell Road West, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG21 0HJ

All-Ru can as much be a controller of data as a data processor of personal data. We have an Official of Protection of Data designated that can be contacted in our registered direction.

What information we compiled?

Any personal information that it provides filling in forms in our website. This includes the provided information when to register an account, to buy our services or to ask for additional services. Also we can ask for information to him when a problem with our site or the services informs that it has acquired.

If letter or e-mail communicates with us by, the registries can be kept from the correspondence.

The telephone conversations can be recorded with qualification aims.

Details of the transactions that realise through our site and of the fulfillment and administration of their orders.

Also we registered engineering datas, as its operating system, type of navigator, pages of reference/exit and URL, number of click, names of domain and pages seen in our registries of the servant. This information is used for aims of marketing and security.

In the circumstances in which we acted as a data processor, we will only act following the instructions of our client as controller of data. If it provides personal data to us on a third party (for example, when registering a domain in its name), it guarantees that it has obtained the express consent of the third party for the spreading and the use of his personal data.

How we used the personal data.

  • In order to register a client account.
  • In order to process the orders that have realised with us.
  • In order to handle to the service to the client and consultations of races.
  • In order to guarantee that the content of our site appears of the most effective way for you and for its computer.
  • In order to provide information to him, products or services that it asks for to us or that we consider that they can interest to him, when have given their consent to be contacted for such aims.
  • In order to fulfill our obligations derived from any celebrated contract between you and we.
  • In order to allow to participate him in the interactive functions of our service, when it chooses to do it.
  • In order to notify to him on changes in our service.
  • To realise marketing and statistical analysis.

In order to avoid doubts, All-Ru never will sell its personal data to third parties.

Automatic decision making

We can use the information provided by you to make automatic decisions on the acceptance from the orders that realises. This helps us to fight the fraud and the abuse and this information never leave our network.

Where we stored your personal data

The personal data that we compile of you will be stored in our servers within the European Economic Space (€œEEE€). Sometimes, it is possible that we must transfer personal data outside the EEE. For example, the data of registry of domains must be sent to our domain name register outside the EEE. When sending their personal data, accept this transference, storage or data processing outside the EEE. We will take all the measures reasonably necessary to guarantee that their data treat safely and in agreement with the GDPR and our policies of protection of data.

Retention of data

We only conserved its personal data during the time that we need it to fulfill the aims for which we have compiled them initially, unless the law demands the opposite. We will retain and use the information according to is necessary to fulfill our legal obligations, to solve disputes and to make fulfill our agreements of the following way:

  • The data of the invoice are conserved during a minimum of 6 years, according to demands it the legislation of the United Kingdom.
  • The registry archives rotate every 12 weeks. Nevertheless, the anonymous data can be maintained by more time.
  • The backup copies of the infrastructure All-Ru stay during 12 months. The lodging data Web stay during 30 days.

In the rare case that the backup copies that contain personal information are recovered after the elimination, All-Ru will deliver all the reasonable attacks to guarantee that the data that have forgotten not are recovered inadvertently and all the signs of data in a maximum period of 180 days will be eliminated, unless are additional obligations of retention. to apply.

Your rights

Unless he is subject to an exemption under the GDPR, you have the following right with respect to his personal data:

  • The right to ask for a copy of its personal data that we have envelope you.
  • The right to solicit that we correct any personal information if is that she is inexact or she is out of date. It can see, publish and eliminate his personal data through Control Panel All-Ru.
  • The right to object the use that we make of his personal data and ask for his personal data flock when no longer it is necessary that we conserve these data. This is known as its right to be forgotten. It considers that can have legal reasons by that we must conserve his data, but informs to us if it thinks that we are retaining or using its personal data of incorrect way.
  • It must right to solicit from us that we do not process his personal data with marketing aims. Generally, we will inform to him (before collecting its data) if we try to use his data for these aims or if we try to disclose his information to third parties for these aims. The connection of cancellation of the subscription can exert its right to avoid this processing following that is in the part inferior of the e-mails that we sent, communicates with Service to the Client or notary publics to support@alka.c
  • The right to make a complaint before the Office of Commissioners of Information. https://ico.org.uk/concerns/ consults to obtain more data.

With whom we shared its information

When entering this agreement, you accept the data processing on the part of the third parties that are enumerated next. When we introduce any new agreement with third parties, or modify existing agreements with third parties, we will make sure that this policy updates at least 30 days before the new third party processes any information.





Payments with credit card/debit

Services of footbridge of MasterCard payment

Payments of direct debit


Names of domain

Tucows (OpenSRS)

Names of domain

GeoTrust (Symantec)

Certificates SSL/TLS


Internal communication of support problems/incidences on watch.

Google: it includes Adwords, Google Analytics, Youtube, Drive, Studio Data, Google My Business.

Analysis of the site, segmentation and exclusion of the publicity PPC, data of purchases. Information on anonymous data.

Facebook and Instagram

Direction and exclusion of publicity PPC, purchase of data.


Direction and exclusion of publicity PPC.

Microsoft: Bing and Office 365 

Analysis of the site, segmentation and exclusion of the publicity PPC, data of purchases.


Shipment of e-mail and analysis of e-mail. Inscriptions for bulletins.


Tests of optimizations of the site (All the personal data are anonymous).

Violations of data

In the case of a violation of data, it will be contacted to the people affected within the terms specified in the GDPR, one will inquire to the Commissioner of Information and a complete report will be provided that will emphasize the risks.

How we used the cookies

We can obtain data on his general use of Internet by means of the use of a cookie file that is stored in the hard disk of its computer. The cookies contain information that is transferred to the hard disk of its computer. They help us to improve our site and to offer a better and more customized service. They allow us:

  • In order to consider the size of our hearing and landlords of use;
  • In order to store information on its preferences, and thus to allow us to personalize our site in agreement with its individual interests;
  • In order to accelerate your searches;
  • In order to recognize to you when you return to our site.
  • Remarketing: for example, once it has visited our website, it is possible that it sees All-Ru announcements to remember our products to him. Also we used cookies to avoid that the existing clients see our announcements.

The configuration in its navigator can refuse to accept cookies activating who allows him to reject the configuration of cookies. Nevertheless, if it selects this configuration, it is possible that it cannot accede to certain parts of our site. Unless it has fit the configuration of his navigator so that it rejects the cookies, our system will emit cookies when it initiates session in our site.

Connections of third parties

We maintain our policy of privacy under scheduled inspection and will place the updates in this webpage. This policy of privacy updated for the last time the 10 º of May of 2018.

Changes to this policy

Our site can, from time to time, contain connections towards and from the websites of our networks of partners, advertisers and affiliates. If it follows a connection anyone of these websites, it considers that these websites have their own policies of privacy and which we did not accept any responsibility or obligation by these policies. It verifies these policies before sending personal data to these websites.

How to contact to us

Communicate with us if it has some question on our policy of privacy or the information that we have envelope you: http://www.all-ru.net/contacto

Also it can write to our email address: support@all-ru.net

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