It will show a green padlock to you.

Certificate SSL

If you do not have the green padlock of a confidence certificate SSL,
Google Chrome will mark your site as Not surely.


$59 .99


It protects 1 Website

  • It assures a website
  • Based solid SHA2 and encryption of 2048 bits
  • Available in Certificates SSL DV, OV and EV
  • SSL EV causes that the bar of the navigator is put green
  • It increases the positioning of your site in Google


$129 .99


Poteger Several Websites

  • It assures up to five websites
  • Based solid SHA2 and encryption of 2048 bits
  • Available in Certificates SSL DV, OV and EV
  • SSL EV causes that the bar of the navigator is put green
  • It increases the positioning of your site in Google


$294 .99


To protect All the subdomains

  • It assures a website and all subdomains
  • Based solid SHA2 and encryption of 2048 bits
  • Available in Certificates SSL DV and OV
  • SSL EV causes that the bar of the navigator is put green
  • It increases the positioning of your site in Google


All the certificates SSL include

  • Encryption SHA-2 and of 2048 bits: more hard of the market.
  • Attendance limitless safety technique 24/7
  • Compatible with all the more important navigators.
  • It increases the positioning search in Google.
  • It protects limitless servers.
  • It shows Sello of security in your site.
  • Guarantee of return of the money by 30 days
  • Free Limitless reemissions
  • Protection of responsibility of until USD 1 million

What you obtain with a Certificate SSL

The green candadito

The green padlock in the bar of the navigator and the €œs€ in https means that the site is safe in all the languages. Tenlos both in your site so that your visitors know that she concerns the security to you of his data.

Obt©n a reliable certificate SSL

The confidence is the cornerstone of protocol SSL and that means that we adhered strictly to the validation directives. We have been in the List of Honor of the Alliance of Confidence in line as SSL suppliers and issued with diligence certificates which all the navigators can trust.

It safely accepts credit cards in your website

If you wish to sell a much more ample public, it is necessary that them proportions to the clients the options of payment that they prefer, and a SSL so that they continue clicking until arriving at the time of the payment.

Better positioning in Google

The best web search engine of the world favors to the websites based with HTTPS and more stop in the results will place them search. Reason why a SSL not only protects your clients, but also it helps to find more you.

It protects the confidential information

Certificates SSL soon protect the confidential information of your clients basing the data that they send to you, and deciphering them once you receive them.

The best coding of the world

Our certificates SSL use a method of summary SHA-2 and coding of 2048 bits to protect the confidential data. Together they offer the best protection than at the moment it exists in the market.

How certificates SSL work

A certificate SSL creates a safe tunnel through what the information that include user names, passwords, card numbers of credit and can more happen safely.

First, the €œcolloquy€ of the SSL

When the visitor enters a protected area by a SSL of the website, your certificate SSL automatically creates a connection based and safe with its navigator. Your site is safer when it is to a SSL in all the pages and subdomains.

It appears the icon of padlock

Once the connection is completed, the icon of padlock and area code HTTPS appears in the bar of the navigator of the visitor to show to him that to share his personal details he is safe. If you install a SSL EV (extended Validation), the navigator will activate the green bar and will show the name of your business to demonstrate that he is legitimate.

You are ready

All the information that happens to and through your website now is based; this causes that practically the data cannot be hacked into.

FAQ - More frequent questions on the subject

Certificates SSL

When your certificate SSL is emitted, we sent an e-mail to you to inform to you. What happens later depends from where lodges your site and the options that you selected when you bought the certificate. If you chose the Web hosting, the Creator of websites will be in charge of everything by you. If metheglins your website with another company or you use our dedicated VPS or Servers, obt©n more information here. In order to install a certificate SSL in Parallels Plesk Panel, cPanel and Microsoft IIS, explore here.

Safe SSL means Layer of sockets. It can sound complex, but really it is not it. Certificates SSL validate the identity of your website and base the information that the visitors send to your site or receive from the same. This avoids that the thieves spy on any interchange between you and your buyers.

When you have the protection of a Certificate SSL in your website, your clients can be sure that the information who enter any assured page is private and the cybernetic swindlers will not be able to see it. All-Ru facilitates the installation of your certificate and assures your servant.

In order to obtain more data, it consults Certificate Definition SSL.

Certificates SSL inspire confidence and they show to them the visitors who you value its privacy. A Certificate SSL protects the confidential information of your client, as its name, direction, password or card number of credit when basing the data during the transmission of its computer to your Web server. SSL is the standard for the security Web, and the majority of the services of commercial accounts requires a Certificate of servant, reason why you will need one if you glide to accept credit cards in your website.

In order to obtain more data, it consults How work does a certificate SSL?

When a visitor enters a page protected by SSL in your website, its bar of navigating shows to an icon of padlock and the https:// area code in direction URL. Whereas the majority of the users of Internet knows that they must look for the SSL indicators, also you can add a seal from the site to your website to show to them the visitors who your site is verified and protected. The visitors can click in the seal to see the state and the details of your certificate, and that way to verify by themselves that he is safe to send confidential information to your website. The websites protected by Premium SSL EV of All-Ru show to a green bar in the navigator, giving to the users green light to continue.

In order to obtain more data, it consults How to verify the validity of a certificate in your computer.

A Certificate SSL joker protects your main domain and a limitless amount of its subdomains. For example, a single Certificate joker can assure as much as The Certificates joker assure the name common and all the subdomains in the level that you specify when you send your request of SSL.

Following how your website is formed, it is possible that you wish to use something more than a certificate SSL of unique domain.

  • Certificates SSL joker cover all the subdomains with the domain name. For example, you can assure *, that it will cover, and any other subdomain.
  • Certificates SSL UCC can cover several subdomains, unique names of domain and websites. For example, you can assure, and


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