Beam that your business speaks by itself with an email address
customized and with your own domain.
ANNUAL $22.99


$1 .99


  • Account of e-mail with mailbox of 1 GB for each user
  • 1 domain free .COM
  • 100% free one of announcements
  • Protection antiSpam
  • Webmail
  • In time real synchronization of all the devices
  • Attendance 24/7
ANNUAL $58.99


$4 .99


  • Account of e-mail with mailbox of 5 GB for each user
  • 1 domain free .COM
  • 100% free one of announcements
  • Premium protection anti-virus and antiSpam
  • Webmail
  • In time real synchronization of all the devices
  • Attendance 24/7
ANNUAL $94.99


$7 .99


  • Account of e-mail with mailbox of 10 GB for each user
  • 1 domain free .COM
  • 100% free one of announcements
  • Premium protection anti-virus and antiSpam
  • Webmail
  • In time real synchronization of all the devices
  • Attendance 24/7


Why agree to you does the e-mail of All-Ru?

Direction of e-mail adapted of your domain

Unlike the gratuitous suppliers, with a solution of hosted e-mail you are not restricted to a limited list of email addresses available, and with a gratuitous domain including permanently, you can have a completely customized email address who projects more professionalism.
With a direction of e-mail that combines with the name of your business, you will drive your brand and will be easier that your clients remember to you. Also you can create additional email addresses for different areas from your company (as: support@tuempresa.com, sales@tuempresa.com)

Maxima security in your inbox

All-Ru E-mail maintains your safe inbox and prot©g©e thanks to tools anti-virus and antiSpam of the best quality. Our protection anti-virus of last generation maintains your inbox safe from virus and other threats in Internet. The datacenters of All-Ru fulfill the strict European standards of protection of data and privacy, in addition your e-mails are protected of automatic form through encryption SSL/TLS.


It forms your direction of e-mail easily

1. It registers the perfect domain

It finds a domain that agrees with the name of your company and registers to you free after choosing your pack of e-mail. If already accounts with a domain, we will help you to transfer it to All-Ru.

2. It forms your e-mail

It activates and it administers your new account of e-mail from the Control Panel of All-Ru. We step by step have detailed articles and guides in center of help so that the configuration process is still easier.

3. It accedes from any device

It accedes to your e-mail from your computer through your webmail of All-Ru or of the application Web of Outlook, also you can tie your mailbox of e-mail to the e-mail client of your smartphone.

FAQ - More frequent questions on the subject


To have your own account of professional e-mail allows you to improve the presence online of your business within the world of the digital communication and contributes one first serious and trustworthy impression. A gratuitous account of e-mail, on the other hand, can pose doubts on your credibility and it only allows the freedom to change part you of the e-mail (that is to say, everything what precedes to the sign @), which often requires a commitment due to the lack of availability of names. When one is enterprise communication, this type of restrictions supposes a disadvantage. When creating a professional e-mail with All-Ru, you can choose your own domain of e-mail. This freedom is translated in a unique professional email address, as for example: jorge@tuempresa.com.

All-Ru offers much freedom to personalize your mail, as for example, the option to vice versa resend e-mails from your old direction of the new one and. The e-mail programs, as the clients Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird, allow you to work of still more effective form and to manage all post office, appointments and contacts in all devices. Finally, your account of professional e-mail with All-Ru is completely free of publicity.

With an account of professional mail, always you will obtain the best thing of your communications. For example, imagine to you that you receive an invoice of a commercial email address as sweety1978@proveedorgratuito.com. This will cause a bad instant print, before the mail has even been opened. The e-mail of businesses is the digital face of your company, and when deciding on these gratuitous suppliers of e-mail you risk to seem anonymous or, worse still, little trustworthy. In worse of the cases, the receiver it will assume that the mail is Spam and it will erase it immediately.

On the contrary, a solution of professional e-mail guarantees a trustworthy and professional digital profile. All-Ru offers the ideal solution for companies of all the forms and sizes. It allows to assign to each employee his own email address you, as nombre@empresa.com, and to assign new email addresses for specific services as ayuda@empresa.com. When a professional mail with Alka Corp is created, everything is available under a same ceiling. In addition to the solutions of professional e-mail, we offer solutions of lodging and servers, as well as tools of marketing online. If you have some question on the email address of your company or any other product, our service of expert support will be enchanted to help you.

To create your email address is easy with All-Ru. Simply the pack chooses that better adapts to your needs and, next, chooses the different components from your mail, that are the following: a name, the sign @, the domain of chosen mail and a top-level domain (TLD) as €œ.com€ or €œ.es€. In order to create the e-mail account, first it chooses the domain and TLD. With this account you can create numerous directions with individual names, for example, one for each of his employees. After creating the e-mail of your company, you will be able to accede at any time to him and in any place. For it, you can use webmail or a professional e-mail client as Outlook, who you can obtain as part of the supply of Microsoft Hosted Exchange. Benefit from the best solutions of mail for your company and obt©n a professional account and a trustworthy software to you in a same plan. Lee more in our center of help on as creating an e-mail through Outlook.

There are several reasons to change an email address. For example, if you have changed the name of your company or if they have changed the requirements of your business, you can modify your email address some just by click. Simply it enters the Control Panel All-Ru, selects your email address in €œAccounts Email€ and changes it by the wished variation. For a transition without problems to your new e-mail, you do adjustments so that all the mail to your previous direction is resent to the new direction. In case you want a new domain completely, you can add one €“ everything what you must do is to verify the availability and soon to assure your new domain.

Normally, smartphones already has a settled e-mail client who can connect himself easily to the email address of your company of All-Ru. Alternatively, you can use your favourite movable client. In both cases, the application must be compatible with accounts IMAP so that it works with your professional email address with All-Ru. Our center of help offers a guide step by step to form your direction in smartphone android or iOS.

In addition to this, also you have the option to form your account of professional e-mail with the Microsoft Outlook client 2016 when acquiring our product Microsoft Hosted Exchange. Also you can accede to your mail, contacts and appointments through the application Web OWA (Outlook on the Web) or the applications of Outlook for movable devices. Simply it installs the application of Outlook in your smartphone and begins to use it with a few clicks. If you have more questions on the installation, ponte in touch with our equipment of expert support that will help you quickly.

Our plan Hosted Exchange includes the e-mail client of Outlook available for unloading. After installing it in your device, you can form your direction in Outlook in some click, which will allow you to synchronize your mailbox of mail and your contacts. According to the version of the client that you use, the method to add your account of e-mail in Outlook can differ slightly. You can step by step find guides in our center of help. In addition, our equipment of expert support always is available to help you.

Whether you have a fiscal consultancy with 4 employees, a small business with 20 employees, as if one is a great company, the solution of e-mail of All-Ru is a safe and trustworthy option for the digital communication external intern and. It does not matter how fast grows your business, the solution of professional e-mail will grow with you and it will always provide the best resources of e-mail for you and your company to you. Our infrastructure of centralized management offers a series of advantages to companies of all the sizes: there are no complicated internal solutions, one worries about the failures or the maintenance, and you benefit from our experience and has supported professional All-Ru. In agreement with our principles All-Ru, everything what you must do is to call to put you contact with an expert who will respond to all questions on the creation of the e-mail of your company.

If you decide on our Microsoft Hosted Exchange, you will receive a software e-mail client and of optimized office and world-wide reputation for all employees. This way, you can receive services of e-mail and competent support everything under a same ceiling.

Once you have registered your new domain of e-mail, you can continue with the first steps to create the e-mail of your company. It forms the program of e-mail of your election, for example: Microsoft Outlook. Generally, the necessary adjustments of the servant are detected automatically; on the contrary, simply it inserts the data provided by All-Ru. Alternatively, you can use the webmail. It forms your e-mail in your other devices if you wish to use several devices to send and to receive your e-mails. With Microsoft Outlook, also you can use the applications of Microsoft on your telephone. The configuration for this is similar to the configuration of the servant: if the configuration of the servant is detected automatically, then he is ready to begin, and if no, it introduces quickly the data manually and already it is.

It is important to assure you that all the employees have access to the email addresses of your company. It sends e-mails of test to a well-known direction to assure to you that the shipment and reception of e-mails it is realised without problems and of that the configuration has been realised correctly. A signature of professional mail also is important for a professional appearance and it is even obligatory in the enterprise sector: the commercial e-mails in the same way consider a formal method of communication that the business letters.

The Spam is, unfortunately, a phenomenon very extended in the era of Internet. The wished messages not only are not annoying, but they also can contain harmful connections of phishing or disguised Trojans of attached archives. Thanks to our efficient filters of Spam 1&1 IONOS, well you will be protected against the messages nonwished. You can activate the gratuitous protection against Spam in the configuration of your email address. This already filters a great part of the messages with suspicious content and doubtful senders. If still you receive Spam messages regularly, you can realise more configurations in the Webmail de All-Ru. For example, it forms certain email addresses and senders in a black list in configuration antiSpam. The post office of the senders of the black list are eliminated automatically. By all means, you can eliminate a sender of the black list at any time.

Yes, thanks to the efficient system anti-virus of e-mail All-Ru including in our packages Mail Business and Hosted Exchange, many e-mails of Spam with attached archives preparations are intercepted before they arrive at his mailboxes from mail or computers. Also you have the option to create its own black lists and white personal to refine and to individualize your protection against the Spam.

Advantage: Our security systems always are updated. For that reason they respond to the most recent threats quickly and protect your mailboxes of mail with the highest standards of security. Nevertheless, in spite of all the safety measures, it can happen in exceptional cases that the Spam, phishing and the e-mails preparations with virus arrive at the normal mailboxes of mail. Lee our Digital guide to know how how to drive these doubtful e-mails, how to recognize them and how to protect your corporative or domestic network of them.

With All-Ru also you will receive with your email address an own domain. For the professional communication of companies, associations or societies, are recommended to have an own domain of e-mail, since it always guarantees a formal and serious aspect, will create confidence and radiate professionalism. Also he is recommendable for particular people. For example, an account of e-mail with own domain can have a positive effect in the labor requests that you send. You have in mind a domain in particular? Then he is advisable to assure it, since it can have other people interested in the same name of domain. Since a domain is always unique, it cannot be granted to two different proprietors. For the greatest companies, therefore, often it is worth the pain to reserve several domains to be able to assign email addresses adapted for different services, departments or branchs. With the solutions of e-mail of All-Ru you can protect all the domains available of fast and simple form. Simply it uses our practical tool to verify if the e-mail domain that you wish is available. Next, will be to you the result or, if the wished direction no longer is available, we will suggest alternatives to you.


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